The Book Launch!

My very fist book "Jak velbloud potkal tavu"was launched Yesterday in Maritnus bookstore in Bratislava. It was a very lovely evening, we shared some good laugh and I think everybody had a good time. I can't say how much I'd like to thank the great girls, Lucia Hlubenova from Albatros publishing house and Jana Slinska from the Martinus bookstores, who took care of this lovely event! I am also very happy that Pista Vandal and Dado Nagy agreed to be a part of the launch, they did such a good job on entertaining the crowd! Hope to do this again sometime! Thanks for coming everyone!

My Book is Out!

 Yesterday I finally got my very first book - one that I have both written and illustrated. There's lots of funny illustrations, lots of colours. I had the honour to cooperate with the wonderful and talented Martina Rozinajova, who did the graphic design of the book. Check more of her work at I am also very grateful for being able to have the book published by Albatrosmedia - it was a great cooperation, thank you! The book will be sold in both Czech republic and Slovakia, so in case you would like to get one, there is no easier way than browsing the web - you can buy one for instance here.