Getting ready for Frankfurt Bookfair!

Hello again! This year, I've decided to take part on the Frankfurt Buchmesse, which, at least so I've heard, is the biggest book fair in Europe. I've been trying to prepare as best as I could. Mostly, I have used my experience from the previous Bologna bookfair visits. Here is my blog on the Bologna preparations, in case you'd like to take a closer look at it:]

I figured it would be best to bring some brochures with my illustrations and, of cours, contact details, so the publishers could reach me if they like my work. Also, I reprinted some of the postcards I had in Bologna and added new ones as well. There is my email address, cell number and website link on the back of the card. I really hope I'll be able to reach as many publishers as I can. Keeping my fingers crossed! Will keep you posted on how it goes!

PS1: I'm taking my sister with me to help! Ha-ha!
PS2: How do you like the cards? I'm really pleased with the printer job!

Before Bologna Take Off / Tips on How to Present Yourself at the Bookfair

Before I leave for the Bologna Children's Bookfair I wanted to show some of the promotional materials I made to take along. As I have visited the Fair last year, I tried to take into consideration what the publishers appreciated and what not. Not every one of them has the time to sit down for a portfolio interview so is't always good to have something with you to leave around for the art directors - they can get back to you after they return to their offices. 

That's why I decided to print out these booklets. I printed out 60 pieces to leave to the publishers either after
the interview or only to take home to the art-director. Last year I had a package - a few samples of my work in a white envelope with a couple of stickers on it, and I think the envelope is not as good idea as it seems (not much to catch one's eye and trouble with opening and taking out all of the goodies). I believe this is a better option :-)

Of course, I made a couple of postcard designs. I printed 60 of each and plan to give these out and leave some at the illustrator's wall on Monday morning, together with a poster of my work. Which I haven't printed yet, aaaaah!

And at last, but not least, I made a portfolio. Actually two of them, as I didn't want to mix up the two illustration styles that I do. These are just plain A4 formats bound in a wonderful book-workshop here in Bratislava. Nice ladies, they always do such a wonderful job! 


Hope this helps! Good luck everyone and maybe see you in Bologna!