LeJeux de 7 Familles

Two sets of play cards for kids that I did this winter together with the French Editions Lito is finally available to pre order on Amazon. So happy!

And a little sneak peek of my work progress - I always like to start my artwork in pencil and then work it to the final colors in Photoshop.

Kindergarten Book Project in Progress

Hello there! I have no time to slack on this week! :-) Seems like there will be a lot to do in the upcoming weeks. Recently, I've been working on a project for kindergartens, lots of animals, children, nature stuff and so on. It's been quite a lot of fun actually! I'll be doing more posts on this. Hopefully I'll be able to get the MATS school post ready too for you guys to read! Speak soon!

The River Boardbook

Long time no see! I know! Been doing quite a lot of traveling this Summer, I really needed a break. The good news is - I've been able to get back on track and start fresh with new projects on my desk. This one is a cute board-book on how the river goes from the source to the mouth. Hope to see the real thing soon as it is a nice cut out and should look real good once it's done. Until then - a few illos for you to see what's up :-)