Books are on their way!

Those of you who have been waiting for your copies of the Podme objavovat Slovensko book - we’ve got good news! We’ve have shipped most of the boxes last night and there is only a few of them left waiting to be shipped today. Most of you (the best supporters in the world) should have all your goodies by the end of this week. Then, the book is off to the bookstores! Thank you everyone for your support during the crowdfunding campaign! The book is here thanks to you!

IMG-0390 (1).jpg

Poďme objavovať Slovensko book off to print tomorrow

This is the last sneak peek of the book that I have been working on for a while. In my next post, I hope to finally show the cover and few spreads, yay! We are sending this baby off to print tomorrow and then I guess I will crawl somewhere in the woods to just run and hibernate to get over the waiting anxiety. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Horses and Ponies Activity Book - A Real Challenge!

So much for me and my “enormous” talent for drawing horses - here Maria, why don’t you try a whole Horses and Ponies activity book and see how that goes! Tiny sneak peek of one of my most recent projects, soon to be published by Usborne. Can’t wait!

usborne horses ponies.jpg
usborne horses ponies 2.jpg

Classic Tales

I know I have kept silent on this tiny little facebook place of mine for a while - would be nice if I could say I was on a vacation, but unfortunately, I wasn't. The reason there was not a single word uttered here is simple - I was working on a set of children's books! If you ever think of illustrating 4 books at once, stop yourself right there. I love my job, that is true, but I also love chocolate, and if I ate 4 kilos of it at once, I would probably not love it that much and puke as well. (I have not puked from illustrating these, don't worry!) Anyways, as much as I wish I was smarter and allowed myself more time for these babies, I am so so so happy I could work on the titles like Pinocchio or Goldilocks and Three Bears (all time favorite of my little sister!) Will keep you posted when they appear on our planet. Off to finally cleaning my place and getting a haircut. Hello, life!

Alice in Wonderland on Sketcher!

It is always so nice when people notice your work somewhere online. It just gives one a feedback for all the efforts that all illustrators put into promotion, social media and blogging. Here is my work for Yoyo Books, the legendary story of Alice in Wonderland, on Sketcher.