Poďme objavovať Slovensko book off to print tomorrow

This is the last sneak peek of the book that I have been working on for a while. In my next post, I hope to finally show the cover and few spreads, yay! We are sending this baby off to print tomorrow and then I guess I will crawl somewhere in the woods to just run and hibernate to get over the waiting anxiety. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Getting there!

I am so excited about this book I don't even know where to begin! This is going to be such a wonderful and colorful collection of my childhood memories, I can't wait to send it off to printers and have it published. I have finally decided to go ahead and try to get on the path of self publishing. By far, I have no clue what it will bring and how will I be able to cope with all the issues it may bring. But it makes me really happy to create it and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for the book to make others (well especially the little ones) at least equally happy! Will try to post the updates more often the following weeks!

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